SAP RFC Security

SAP GxP Compliance

SAP GRC 12, upgrade

SAP Data Loss Prevention, what to do?

SAP Security, which courses should you follow?

SAP Security awareness, Make yourself heard!

SAP Authorization Manual

Data Protection in SAP

SAP authorizations, 10 things to avoid!

3 Tips to secure printers in SAP

3 tips ready to use. Reduce SAP security management costs!

SAP HANA Security, HANA o S/4HANA migration or installation?

Does SAP_ALL view only exist?

Do you need SAP GRC to manage a Super User in SAP?

Risk and violation in SoD management, are they synonymous?

SAP HANA Security, 4 operational tips

SAP Query Security

SAP GDPR: What systems/ tools are involved?

SAP Developers. Better an internal or external development team?

SAP Password Policy

SAP Mail, does everyone in SAP read anyone’s email?

SAP licenses, how to optimize costs?

The 5 recurring questions in SAP Security Governance projects

System Users with SAP_ALL assigned, no thanks!

SAP Security Guidelines


How to define a SoD Matrix

SAP Developer, how to manage the ABAP code security?

SU53 SAP why do authorization errors never end?

SAP PFCG: 5 Things you did not know about this transaction


SAP Cyber Security for SME

How can Aglea help you manage your Segregation of Duties?

Tables, Roles, Profiles and Authorizations in SAP

SAP Role and User Administration: what are the metrics?

Who are the owners of the Governance and Security area?

SAP Field Masking

SAP Upgrades. Authorizations are always neglected, why?

Consultants with production environment access? 5 actions to remember!

How does Segregation of Duties help protect your company data?

How to export data from SAP?

Change management SAP Security

How do you surpass the 312 profiles limit in SAP?

5 Reasons (SAP Security) to have an updated test system

10 Tips for a ticket management system!

SAP Security Audit Log

Transactions for SAP Roles (and Security Manager)

10 Tips after installing SAP GRC


6 tips before installing SAP GRC Access Control

GDPR Course - General Data Protection Regulation

Basic Role, what is it and what should it contain?

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