SE16 in SAP

Posted by Fabio Mambretti on Dec 30, 2022 8:15:00 AM

For some SE16 may be an unknown acronym. For others it is the "bread and butter." It is a SAP transaction remarkably familiar to administrators. And often not only them, unfortunately.




But what is it used for? How many versions of it are there? How do you use it and what are the risks involved?

We discuss  it in this article!

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Topics: SAP Security, SAP GDPR, sap query, supporto sap ams, se16, se16n

SAP Query Security

Posted by Marta Ortona on Aug 12, 2022 8:15:00 AM


Data retrieval is normal in a management system. But what are the tools available in a SAP ERP system? Is it correct reporting in a transactional system? 

What are the security impacts in doing corporate data reporting in SAP and how can they be mitigated? What is the SAP query survival manual? 

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Topics: governance, tabelle, sicurezza dei dati sap, sap consulenza security, sap query

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