In supporting governance and compliance to national and international regulations (ex. Lgs.D. 196/2003 –Privacy 679/2016 GDPR, Dlgs. 101/2018, Law 262/2005, Lgs.D. 231/2001, Segregation of duties), we make analysis and assessment of customer systems in order to bring out any non-compliance to the models adopted or to the reference rule. As main strength, in addition to report any anomalies, we also provide informations on how to correct the anomalies.

Metaphorically, this service is a check up of the state of health of a system. The main purpose is to diagnose any abnormalities on the basis of the search criteria. Downstream results, it is suggested therapy.

This service is delivered remotely, once acquired data systems. While the presentation of results and the depth/area of research is agreed with the client. The main areas of research are as follows:

  • SOD - Segregation of duties analysis (with the matrix of the customer or with a matrix of best practices)
  • Basis - Research-oriented activities of system administrators also over end users
  • Using best practices in SAP profiling

  • Activation of Log and trace on systems

  • HR - Authorization management on Human Resource systems. The profiling of HR systems can be very different from that of classical business processes, so it may take specific analysis to understand “who can do what”
  • GDPR - Check if all standard, already available, SAP features has been activated in order to be compliant for GDPR