The SAP Security Application Maintenance System service (AMS)

On behalf of the client we manage SAP authorizations. We use the systems and procedures of the customer or, if the customer is not provided, we use our ticketing system that provides:

  • Traceability of requests (using the specific reporting systems) for purposes of audit
  • Notifications of taking on responsability and managing requests
  • The SLAs (Service levels agreements) agreed with the customer

img-nuvolaThe Activities Provided

  • Management request security (User Management, Roles Management), executions Preventive SOD analysis (in order to limit the introduction of risks during the ordinary maintenance of authorizations)
  • Management of SAP systems Licensing
  • Management of small developmental and support to projects in progress
  • Support for the governance of SAP systems (that is periodic activity control systems agreed with the customer)
  • SAP GRC Maintenance

How we handle reports

  • Calls or tickets are managed according to a specific categorization.
  • Through a ticket management software we can perform benchmark according to the type of ticket, the estimated time and the real execution time.
  • At any time the client can see the adoption and the management of the various phases of the request. You can always also export a list of all requests received and handled for purposes of audits

Numbers of requests received by type in the current year

Analysis/reporting authorization issue : 5%
Running SAP license audit and Optimization of licenses: 15%
Creating/editing role: 9%
User Unlocking and reset password: 1%
Creating and editing role with SOD: 12%
Creating/editing user: 9%
Massive management of users: 2%
Insertion/removal transaction: 11%
Role/profile assignment: 13%
Insertion/removal authorization: 4%
Role/profile assignment with SOD analysis: 15%
Management SU24 and SU25 transactions : 3%